Thursday, January 8, 2009


When the news get from my friend,that is… course from 4years change back to 3years already!!!muahahahaha..its kinda excited and happy when knew it at home!!~~~hooray~~coz me still at my hometown when school reopen..hahaha..means I still have ONLI 2.5years to stay here..then can go back already~~haha..BUT..after reach my uni,ouch~~this problem is reali vexed me out..govrn is always like that,1st minute they can decide like this,2nd minute they can just decide in another way after half year..its reali troubling us u know!!?? I hate it..what frustrated me is….maybe I need to stay here to take inter-session course when may-july long semester break..damn!! I just have that half year to go back meet my family,my another half and my u just grab my holiday like that!!??? and me already book flight ticket back kl and go hong kong..zzz...Anyways,still got another way is take 22credit every semester,then when come to 3rd year,take 17 this way, I can go back..but it will be suffering and burden

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