Friday, January 9, 2009

the 4rd umbrella~~

Ouch~~I’m going to buy the 4rd umbrella to survive at here..zzz..since come Sarawak,my umbrella spoiled again and again..aiks..can’t you choose others’ umbrella ‘to spoil’? why must choose mine?haiz..i cant live without umbrella in such hot doubt, the weather here is much more hot than at west msia..i don’t like sunlight which will make me darker..haha..eventhough I apply uv protection lotion everyday,but honestly don’t know it works or not..haha..and another thing is..i missed bus today..zz..i shouldn’t missed it honestly..because me reached there at 1:53pm..the bus schedule is at 2pm..and the bus come from another…how come? again..zz…then I just reached the lab at 2:45pm..’good’..late 15minutes..

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