Wednesday, December 2, 2009


haha..back to hometown again..might be the last semester break that can enjoy already..woo..full of gatheringsssssss..haha.. then i worked weekend part-time job at giant.. sui siao~~like that worked 4days nia..but my handphone dropped into toilet.. damn hp rm1080.. salary rm280 i still lose rm800..zzz~~~ nevermind ppl said..old ones didn't ones wun't come.. haha.. searching for new hp.. so hardworking do survey.. refer hp books and online.. like doing hp assignment.. haha.. 28days left now..must enjoy and enjoy a~~haha

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

hazes..stay away from me laaa.....

ok..heard from friends that west malaysia having hazes few weeks ago..and now east malaysia start faced it..on monday, i finish eating at 2pm..then go back hostel..when 3pm come full of the time to use the mask..haha..1 of my sarawak friend went out yesterday..she saw some trees get fired..due to the hot weather..huh? since after the hazes, i felt that the air surroundings is hot, hOT, HOT and really uncomfortable.. sigh.. school reopen until now, i have no study mood..ok..i should stop facebooking now.. if not 15minutes find information about assignment,but 3hours facebooking there..ok..control control~~

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

31hours more..

haha..well..i truly enjoy my holidays.. everyday go out hang around la..yamcha la..gethering..still got 31hours, will come back!! hahahaha!! finally~~ eventhough we just have 1week holiday together, but just enjoy that 1week holiday together okay?~~~~ last but not least, hope i really can archieve my promise to myself, study finish the account softcopy..haha!! i have touch it before..touch 6slides.. gosh.... i should study more since i choose to come back enjoy holidaysss.. kambateh!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

'hate' him....

i 'hate' him...'hate' him for doing such thing on me in such timing..zzzzzzzz!!! anyways, i cannot give much comment about who?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, is really damn when such things happen on me.. I help friend sign the attendance for the ‘softskills’ programme, a talk that we compulsory to take part. In fact, we need to join at least 20 talks.. it spends me 40 hours..zzz… well, back to our story. Yes, me and some friends ( those who help other friends to sign ) get caught. I mean the lecturer realized that those 10 “student “ that got sign the attendance, nut actually didn’t attend. She is just so mad about it, tear the attendance list and bla bla bla…… one wanna admit that they sign for friends, including me.. ( coz she is really fierce and get mad that time, don’t dare to admit and ‘die’ on spot. ).. today, name list come out.. those “10 students ” are requested to see her as soon as possible. Cut the story, my friend reveal me out.. gosh.. we going to see dean and the administrator soon.. maybe will record in our discipline book or what..i have no idea with it.. and no idea about what punishment will be given.. just can wait.. wait they take action on us.. and YOU! Since such thing happens, u don’t even bother to apologize or at least say paiseh or what!? From the beginning, u just worry about yourself.. and some other older experience and story……………..………………………….. arggh!!! Honestly, I really feel “ it’s ok” when waiting outside the lecturer room. After back to hostel, 越想就越 kanasai.. next time I will know what to do… I wun’t be so stupid again..DAMN..

Monday, February 2, 2009

happy niuuu year~~~

wauuHH!! Just finish my Chinese new year is kinda tiring, but is a prosperous and happy Chinese new year.. start from Chinese new year eve, almost every day go out and quite late only back..haha..paiseh laa.. we go yamcha when Chinese new year eve, after finish our reunion dinner with family.. nice to gathering with u guys again!! Haha!! But still got some friends have no chance meet yet, what a miss.. so see yea end of the year when I come back!! Haha.. after celebrate for 1week, is the time to go back to unimas again.. ouch.. the 1st thing when I see unimas entrance, gosh!! My Chinese new year feel is totally gone.. I almost forget that we are still celebrating Chinese new year..since now only chor8.. sobsob..i miss the moment after f5.. haha.. we really celebrating Chinese new year from chor1 till chor15.. kakaka..kinda syiok.. as we grow up, the holiday when having any celebration day is become lesser and lesser.. miss my days!! Now I just can look forward, look for Chinese new year 2010~~ hahaha.. 14 feb 2010 = chor1 = valentine day~~ haha… happy niuuuu year!!~~~
and I was told that the people here is no angpao for friends.. their angpao just for relatives only.. maybe some more wealthy people will give angpao for friends la..zzz

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

good job MAS!!

Fantastics when I read the news..hahaha!!! MAS airlines no fuel charge for domestic flight!! Wohoo!! least can save some $$ already.. even it sounds not reali much that can be saved, but better than none! Hahaha!! As a student that fly ‘overseas’ to further study, it is our duty to check and alert the flight ticket price la, promotion la..try to get cheaper flight ticket..haha!! we are poor enough…kakaka.. even me might not take MAS, but it’s great that have another choice :p … today I skip swimming lesson, I don’t want become darker before cny woo…at least la..haha..