Monday, January 12, 2009


countdown to go back!!haha..still 8days!! wuahahaha..can't wait to go back already..but this year i just managed to buy 3 shirt, no new pants and no new skirt..zz.. hope can go shopping buy new pants before chinese new year..haha!! anyway, at hostel don't have hot shower, don't have home-made dishes, transportation not convenience, don't have delicious food like at hometown..everyting here can't compare the life at home is the most comfortable feeling..really..haha..but sometimes i do enjoy at here also la..but please,not the weather!! haha..and wireless at here is getting better,must praise must praise!!!haha..keep it up!!


Lopaknai JJ said...

waiting u to come bck

LaYpEnG said...

hahaha,,okok..cny i go ur house take angpao yea!!hahaha..ask ur mum gv me bigzzzz angpao which inside gt many $ de..kaka..

colafish said...

miss u so much..teh~~
i wan angpao from U!!
countdown for u: 4 months more is ur bday~
happy bday to u 1st..

LaYpEnG said...

zzz..teh plak~~haha..angpao fr me a?aiyo..ok la..i ask leehom pao angpao 4 u tis year la..u wan how much inside?hahaha..go spore xbuy souvenir 4 me meh liu bang?haiz..cny i will take a chicken go ur house bai nian..okay? early a..aiks...kakaka