Tuesday, August 26, 2008

sem break..

Well, I think I should update my blog..haha..longtime didn’t update it..anyways, i quite enjoy the life at unimas..know some friends here, from different state, different cultural, and different talking style..haha.my semester break is going to finish soon..woo woo..so sad..because I did’t spend my holiday wisely..i spend my holiday to watch hongkong series, play games, and on9~~eyes stick on the laptop whole day..oo gosh..oo yea, I watch the hongkong series ‘ the seventh day’..don’t know why, I just feel touched when watching it..eventhough some Korean series might more touch people’s feeling deeply to heart compare to it..too perceptual already..haha..during this holiday, I have followed seniors go Serian do some survey..interview resident there..maybe next time we will conduct a campaign at there..not very sure..after finish survey, I stil got time to ‘shopping’, buy some biscuit and sweet..kakaka :p
Counting the date, after august past, still got 2months 22days I’ll be at ti again!!! So happy!!~~my lovely hometown…
my family, longtime didn’t see them already…dunno my younger sister still got so chubby or not?kaka..
my dear..how are you at Singapore? Still can adapt urself so far? Or still so hate those fellow and the place? u will holiday soon..so..happy holiday!!kaka
My friends..rock urself in uni life!!!


chuanyi_mystory said...

i m here i m here missing u a!!!!!!!!

LaYpEnG said...

hahahaha..noe la noe la..kaka