Wednesday, July 9, 2008

life at sarawak..

hmm..eventhough is my 1st time take aeroplane,but a little bit excited feel oso to separate so far with my family,friends,n dear dear..hoho..come to tiz strange place that not belong to me,got a strange feelings..different culture and different orientation week still not least didn't awaz get scolded by senior group as my other frens in other university..instead of it,i would rather say we have some fun games here and not evyday talk talk talk onli..haha..i just start my 'fishing skill' again when got talk..longtime didn't practise already after,i learn some sarawak language,for sure,is those 'stupid', 'siao' n etc..but i jz remember some..nextime come back teach u guys la!! kaka..i choose swimming club as my koku credit!!so excited!!haha..something that i'm interested and longing to learn..and here provide scuba lesson,rm930 for the lesson and license..still thinking whether wanna take it onot..other university got?kaka..but here xmuch place can go..wu wu wu~~~so miss everyone of you..yes!!you you you!!!and you!!my friends..and miss teluk intan's road,which i used to pass by everyday to back..miss teluk intan's delicious food..yummy yummy~~miss my 'mercedes benz'..kaka..all the best for u all!!


chuanyi_mystory said...

haha..bendan..ur blog so bendan..what oso dun shit la..wkakakaakkakakaak

LaYpEnG said...

deng u a...cis cis..budak ni..haha

Kelly said...