Monday, February 2, 2009

happy niuuu year~~~

wauuHH!! Just finish my Chinese new year is kinda tiring, but is a prosperous and happy Chinese new year.. start from Chinese new year eve, almost every day go out and quite late only back..haha..paiseh laa.. we go yamcha when Chinese new year eve, after finish our reunion dinner with family.. nice to gathering with u guys again!! Haha!! But still got some friends have no chance meet yet, what a miss.. so see yea end of the year when I come back!! Haha.. after celebrate for 1week, is the time to go back to unimas again.. ouch.. the 1st thing when I see unimas entrance, gosh!! My Chinese new year feel is totally gone.. I almost forget that we are still celebrating Chinese new year..since now only chor8.. sobsob..i miss the moment after f5.. haha.. we really celebrating Chinese new year from chor1 till chor15.. kakaka..kinda syiok.. as we grow up, the holiday when having any celebration day is become lesser and lesser.. miss my days!! Now I just can look forward, look for Chinese new year 2010~~ hahaha.. 14 feb 2010 = chor1 = valentine day~~ haha… happy niuuuu year!!~~~
and I was told that the people here is no angpao for friends.. their angpao just for relatives only.. maybe some more wealthy people will give angpao for friends la..zzz

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